Carpe Queso
Reductions, morphisms, and transformations in computer science and mathematics.


"I'm just this guy, you know?" — Randall Munroe

My name is Andrew. If you want to know about me, visit my website. I write about programming (among other miscellaneous things) over there, and I stick to pure maths and computer science theory over here.

You have two blogs?

Not all programmers like maths, and not all mathematicians are programmers. This seems like a nice way to write about both without alienating anyone.

Why is your website so plain?

Because I'm a (mostly back-end) software developer by trade. A minimal aesthetic is great for people like me who occasionally need to pretend to be front-end designers without actually doing a lot of designing. Plus, it really helps to keep the content at the forefront without any distractions. It's also a dream of mine to get a maths blog featured on one of those "Top 50 Minimalist Website" articles.

Carpe Queso?

Like "carpe diem", but with cheese.

How can I contact you?

Find out here.